Jack Griffo nominated for Kids Choice Award

Jack Griffo Reacts to Kids' Choice Awards 2014 Nomination!

The 2014 Kids Choice Awards are just around the corner and a huge congrats is in order for actor Jack Griffo. The 17-year-old Thundermans star was just nominated for Favorite TV Actor!


Jack tells JJJ exclusively, “I’m blown away by the nomination! Just to be recognized at all when the show is so new is amazing. When I came to LA three years ago one of the first things I did was go to the KCA’s with my mom as a fan. Hard to believe all this is happening. Very grateful and honored for the nomination.”

The 2014 Kid’s Choice Awards will air live on March 29 @ 8PM ET from Los Angeles. 

Noah Lomax slated to shoot 99 Homes


Noah Lomax has been cast to shoot 99 Homes, Ramin Bahrani's new drama starring Andrew Garfield.

Ramin Bahrani’s indie drama marks the first time Garfield has played a father on the big screen. After playing Gerard Butler’s son in “Playing For Keeps” and Josh Duhamel’s son in “Safe Haven,” Noah Lomax is getting a new Movie Dad — Andrew Garfield.

The 12-year-old actor has been cast as Garfield’s sarcastic son in Ramin Bahrani’s indie drama “99 Homes,” which co-stars Michael Shannon and Laura Dern. “99 Homes” represents the first time Garfield has played a father in a feature film.

Set against the backdrop of the economic crisis, story follows an unemployed contractor (Garfield) who gets evicted from his family home along with his mother (Dern) and his son (Lomax). In order to get his home back, he takes a job working for the realtor (Shannon) who evicted him and teaches him how to succeed in the foreclosure business.

Treehouse Pictures’ Kevin Turen and Justin Nappi are among those producing the movie, which is currently in production in New Orleans.

In addition to “Safe Haven” and “Playing for Keeps,” Lomax has appeared on several TV shows including “The Walking Dead” and “The Middle.” He also has a role in the animated sequel “Spongebob Squarepants 2.”

Lomax is represented by AEFH Talent Agency, Principato-Young Entertainment and Houghton Talent.

99 Homes

Director: Ramin Bahrani
Writers: Ramin Bahrani, Amir Naderi, Bahareh Azimi‐Khoie
Producer(s): Ashok Amritraj (see pic above), Ramin Bahrani, Andrew Garfield, Justin Nappi, Kevin Turen
Cast: Andrew Garfield, Laura Dern, Michael Shannon, Tim Guinee

Story: Set against the backdrop of the economic crisis, the drama revolves around an unemployed contractor who gets evicted from his family home with his mother and his nine‐year old son. Desperate to get his home back, he strikes a deal to work for the powerful, greedy, charming, gun‐toting real estate broker (Shannon) who evicted him. While it puts a roof over his daughter’s head, becoming the broker’s apprentice puts the contractor in a moral bind: is having a home worth losing your values and soul?

Release Date: Production began back in November and we’re thinking this will once again hit the film festival circuit in the fall – with stops at Venice, Toronto and/or Telluride.

Amsel, Eisenstadt, Frazier & Hinojosa Represents


Part Time Unpaid Internship
Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier, Inc. is seeking part-time administrative interns to work in the theatrical division of the agency. Credit is available where applicable; unpaid. This serves as a great introduction to the industry with hands on experience working with the agents, and their clients. Looking for someone to start in January and to work two to three days a week. Must have laptop to bring around the office. Qualified candidates will be punctual, pleasant personality, able to multi-task and follow instructions. This is a great opportunity for those interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment business.

Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier Talent Agency
5055 Wilshire Blvd.
Ste. 865
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 939 1188
(323) 939 0630

Hollywood's Biggest Talent Agencies

Before 2009, Hollywood's largest talent agencies were known as the "big five" or "top five". In 2009 two of the agencies, Endeavor and the William Morris Agency, merged to form William Morris Endeavor (WME). The other members of the current "big four" are Creative Artists Agency (CAA), International Creative Management (ICM), and United Talent Agency (UTA).

In the 1980s new agencies were established to compete with the "Big five." In 1991 Bauer-Benedek merged with Leading Artists Agency to form what became United Talent Agency. These agencies were Traid Artists and InterTalent. Traid Artist would eventually be sold to William Morris Agency in 1992, and InterTalent would diminish when its partners dispersed between UTA and ICM in the same year.They have hundreds of agents globally, and offer representation in multiple areas (acting, below the line talent, IP rights holders, film, directing, television, publishing, commercials, sports, digital media, literary, music, theater, endorsements, corporate consulting, public speaking, producers, screen writers, voice-overs, video games,visual arts and design and intellectual property). Emerging technology companies and corporate brands in a variety of practice areas including film, television, music, digital media, intellectual property, computer and video games, commercials, voice-overs, endorsements, branding & licensing, corporate consulting and entertainment marketing.

Below is a list of the largest agencies and the top names that they represented as of 2006:

  • WME (WMA and Endeavor): Ben Affleck, Steve Carell, Matt Damon, Clint Eastwood, Ben Stiller, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez, Martin Scorsese, Kevin Spacey, Justin Timberlake, Mark Wahlberg, and Denzel Washington, andCatherine Zeta-Jones
  • CAA: Drew Barrymore, Sandra Bullock, Nicolas Cage, Jim Carrey, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, Tom Hanks, Michelle Pfeiffer, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Meg Ryan, Will Smith, Meryl Streep, Robin Williams, and Bruce Willis
  • ICM: Jodie Foster, Mel Gibson, Samuel L. Jackson, Steve Martin, Kim Catrall and Susan Sarandon
  • UTA: Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes and Owen Wilson

As the agencies began to represent a variety of different talents they began to package their clients together to make them more appealing to the studios, and to get more work for their "less talented" artists. This is a similar structure to what the studios were doing with selling films to the theaters. CAA packaged stars Bill Murray and Harold Ramis with director Ivan Reitman. "Packaging became widely regarded as one of the clearest demonstrations of agents extending their powers by assuming a role in the development of projects which formerly would have been undertaken by the studios."

Austin James' Interview with Celebrity Teen Scoop


Austin James: “I’ll Always Be A Country Boy At Heart”

Austin James is a new face on the acting scene, but he’s definitely someone to watch! He already has a leading role in the movie The Ultimate Life, which hits theaters this Friday, September 6th.

Celebrity Teen Scoop recently had the chance to chat with Austin about his first big movie premiere, what it was like growing up on a small-town ranch in Texas, and his love for “active and dangerous” activities like steer wrestling. Austin also revealed which renowned actor he would like to work with the most!

CTS: Your first big movie role in The Ultimate Life hits theaters on September 6th.  So, are you ready for your first big movie premiere and being a “celebrity”?

Austin: “I am beyond excited! It was a blast working on the film alongside so many talented people, and I can’t wait for it to hit the big screen. In regard to being a ‘celebrity,’ I think it will be a new and interesting facet to my life. Being in the public eye comes with the responsibility of being a good role model to those who look up to you, and I think that I am up for the challenge.”

CTS: Abby Mavity, another up-and-coming actor, is your love interest in The Ultimate Life.  What was it like working together? Have you two stayed in touch?

Austin: “Abby is so great; she fit the time period so well and made it easy to connect. Plus, she is a blast to be around! She always had a smile on-set and we always joked around and kept each other entertained in between takes. Of course we stay in touch! She has become a very good friend of mine., and we’ve made a pseudo tradition out of lunches at Porto’s!”

CTS: What did you learn from the big movie experience?  Are you planning to continue in movies or are you open to TV as well?

Austin: “Having my first movie role be a leading role in a movie like The Ultimate Life was a little daunting at first. However, I found that as soon as I was on set it felt like home. I had the time of my life being on set every day, and it was hard to go back home when we wrapped. It definitely cemented my determination to make acting my lifelong career. I would love to experience both fields! I enjoy the energy of film sets and working to finish a project, but I think it would be great to be on a set with a group of people that can you can come to regard as family over time.”

CTS: Who in Hollywood would you like the opportunity to work with and why?

Austin: “There are so many amazing and talented people out here (some of them good friends) who I would be honored to work with, so it’s hard to pick just one! Right when I first got into acting, I had the opportunity to hang out on the set of a movie called Seven Days in Utopia, starring Robert Duvall. I had grown up watching his movies, and it was really cool to see him work in person. At the wrap party, his wife pulled me aside and took me to have a conversation with him, because she had heard that I wanted to get into acting. He gave me some very inspiring insight, so working with him would be a defining moment for me.”

CTS: The acting bug struck you at 16 and you entered an acting competition and won.  Then the Hollywood agents started calling.  What made you decide to enter the competition? When you agents started calling, were you prepared for what was immediately ahead?

Austin: “Funny story. Growing up in the country, I was pretty naïve about the industry. I had the idea in my head that you had to be born into it or know someone, so I never gave it any serious thought. However, I was an avid reader growing up, and I always envisioned myself as the characters and I saw the world through their eyes. When I was 15, I was heading home from school, which was a 20-mile drive through the country, and I heard one of those ‘If you want to be on the Disney channel, call this number!’ commercials on the radio. It piqued my interest, so I took down the number. When I got home, I asked my mom ‘Hey, I heard about this thing on the radio. Can I call?’ Imagine my surprise when she told me that she already had, and I had an audition on Tuesday. Mother’s intuition!

After the competition, it was pretty surreal. Heading out to LA to meet with agents? Crazy! Luckily, a casting director named Heather Nunn had attended the event, and she was my guardian angel. She met with me when I came out to LA and guided me through the whole process, giving me a crash course on the industry and what to expect. Without her, I definitely would not be where I am today. Thanks, Heather!”

CTS: By 17 you were living in LA with your first commercial one year later.  And not long after you landed your first movie role.  That’s a lot to happen in such a short time.  How do you feel about how quickly your acting career has taken off?

Austin: “I couldn’t be happier with how things have been progressing. I know I am extremely blessed to have had some of the opportunities that I’ve had, and I don’t intend to waste them. It’s still a long road ahead, but I appreciate every step forward and I make it a point to enjoy the ride.”

CTS: Your family moved from Florida to a ranch in Texas when you were only 1.  What was it like growing up on a ranch and attending a school with only 19 kids in your class? Was it a big adjustment moving from Texas to Hollywood?

Austin: “I attribute a lot of my success to my upbringing and childhood. Growing up on a ranch and caring for livestock and land taught me some invaluable lessons about life and instilled a strong work ethic in me, which I think is essential if you want to make it in any industry. My entire childhood, I woke up at 6 every morning and either went to school or worked on the ranch. On a school day, we went to school and then came home and worked on the ranch until sundown. On off-days and in the summer, we woke up, fed the livestock, came in for breakfast, went back out and worked until noon, went in for lunch, then worked the rest of the day until dinner. I didn’t hang out with kids too much outside of school, as it was a long drive, so most of my days were spent working on the ranch.

Luckily, I am one of five children, so I was never lacking for company! Going to a school so small had its perks as well as drawbacks. I knew everyone in the school by name! Having a smaller class size afforded the teachers the ability to be more personal with their teaching, so I felt like I was given a much more hands-on learning experience. We were too small a school for football or baseball, but in hindsight I might never have had the opportunity to break into acting if my school did have these sports. Moving from a ranch in the middle of nowhere to the big city ( I moved straight into downtown) couldn’t have been more of a change. I went from one end of the spectrum to the other! It took some getting used to, but I’ve come to love living here in LA. However, I’ll always be a country boy at heart.”

CTS: From your experience working on a ranch with horses and cattle you got involved in steer wrestling and became nationally ranked.  Not a lot of people can say that—especially Hollywood actors!  Tell us more about it.

Austin: “I was born into a rodeo family. The first few years of my dad’s life were spent in the back of a truck while my grandparents were on the road from rodeo to rodeo. When he graduated college, he got involved with thoroughbreds, working on the track and training them to race. All of us kids were brought up to be able to ride from the time we could walk. I was more of a bookworm than my siblings, so I didn’t start rodeo quite as young as they did.

By my eighth grade year, I decided I wanted to be a part of the rodeo crowd, as I was tired of staying home alone on the weekends and taking care of the ranch, so I started with chute dogging. Then my freshman year, I thought to myself, ‘No way am I jumping off a perfectly good horse at 30 miles an hour and onto a 600 pound steer.’ Well, I tried it once and was hooked. Everybody made sure to watch my runs because I would jump every time, no matter if I was close to the steer or not. It often ended in a wreck and I’m sure that’s why everyone enjoyed watching! After enough wrecks, I was able to make it to the state competition and compete against the rest of Texas. It was one of the best times of my life and a hard thing to give up, but acting is my true passion. My brothers and sisters still compete, and my brother is trying to go pro in the team roping!”

CTS: It seems you were also an avid track and field guy.  Pole vaulting, cross country and steer wrestling?  Do you still find yourself really active? How have your interests changed now that you live in California?

Austin: “I love doing anything active- and dangerous. So pole vaulting and steer wrestling fit right in! Out here, I can’t get quite the same adrenaline rush, but I think it’s super important to stay active. My favorite activities out here are running through the city, hiking up in the hills, and hitting the gym with my friends. Getting into a pick-up game of basketball or football is always fun too! There’s nothing I can do out here that matches the physicality of working on a ranch, but I try to keep up with my fitness as much as I can.”

CTS: What’s up next for you?  Any projects in the works?

Austin: “This year has been a great one for me! After finishing with The Ultimate Life, I was able to work on an indie feature in Utah about getting lost in the desert. After finishing that, I did a guest-starring spot for the Nick at Nite show See Dad Run. I had a blast and loved everyone who worked on that show!  Currently, I am working on a student thesis project for CSUN where, what do you know? I get lost in the desert again. I must be really directionally challenged. [laughs] After finishing up with that, it will be time to hit the ground running with more auditions.”

Published first on http://www.celebrityteenscoop.com/2013/09/03/austin-james/

Scott Freeburg's Newest Commercial for Microsoft

Apple and Samsung Users Remain Violent Half-wits in Latest Ad for Windows Phone.

There isn't a public event that Apple and Samsung users can't spoil by fighting with each other, according to Crispin Porter + Bogusky's hyperbolic but still amusing campaign for the Windows Phone—which continues with the spot below, again directed by Roman Coppola and set to air Sunday during MTV's Video Music Awards.

Coppola directed the earlier spot, "The Wedding," which was a big success (more than 6 million YouTube views), and he brought back many of the same actors for "The Recital." In the new spot, Apple and Samsung users again jockey for position to get the best photos, and are soon ridiculing, head-butting and otherwise trying to take each other down. (On the plus side, at least they seem interested in the school play and aren't just falling asleep.) The spot pushes the Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41 megapixels and reinvented zoom, which apparently helps you get better pictures and also just be a nicer person.

There's less snappy dialogue this time, though it's a fun moment at the end when the woman who's literally spouting Apple's recent advertising copy gets thumped to the floor.

Article by Tim Nudd

Siena Nicole Agudong Featured in The Huffington Post's Article


16 Adorable Child Stars Of TV's 2013-2014 Season (PHOTOS)

With the debut of a slew of new series in the 2013-2014 TV season comes tons of new talent ... in all shapes and sizes.

Nine-year-old Siena Agudong is making a splash on ABC's midseason drama "Killer Women." As much of a dominant force as "Battlestar Gallactica" alumna Tricia Helfer is as Molly Parker, a recently divorced former beauty queen and badass Texas Ranger, Agudong steals the show as her adorable, precocious niece Lulu.

From the Huffington Post article by Jaimie Etkin

Sarah Gilman is now a series regular on "I Didn't Do It".


Disney Channel Greenlights Twins Comedy Series Starring Olivia Holt

The pickup of multicamera sitcom "I Didn't Do It," co-starring newcomer Austin North, comes one day after "Girl Meets World" series order.

One day after greenlighting Boy Meets World spinoff Girl Meets World to series, Disney Channel has ordered a half-hour comedy led by Kickin' It breakout Olivia Holt, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

I Didn't Do It, co-starring Holt and newcomer Austin North, follows competitive fraternal twins Lindy (Holt) and Logan Watson (North), who with their best friends navigate freshman year of high school. Each episode kicks off with a "What just happened?" situation, which breaks off into Lindy's and Logan's own versions of the event. The multicamera comedy will employ flashbacks to fill out the twins' stories.

Production will begin later this summer in Los Angeles, with an eye toward a 2014 debut on Disney Channel.

"We are looking forward to presenting our viewers with the humor, friendship and unexpected plot twists this unique sitcom offers by beginning each episode with the end of the story," said Adam Bonnett, executive vp original programming at Disney Channels Worldwide. "We have assembled a top-notch creative team and cast of talented young actors with incredible comedic chemistry who already feel like they have been close friends since childhood."

Also starring in I Didn't Do It is Piper Curda (A.N.T. Farm), Sarah Gilman (Last Man Standing) and Peyton Clark. (THR debuts a first look at the cast above.) Tod Himmel (90210, The Starter Wife), who serves as executive producer, and Josh Silverstein (So Random), supervising producer, co-created the series. Judd Pillot (According to Jim) is also executive producing.

The news comes after the kids-targeted cable network added Girl Meets World to its slate and opted to wrap up veteran Bridgit Mendler's sitcom Good Luck Charlie after four seasons.
Actress-singer Holt, who plays Kim on the martial arts-inspired Kickin' It, is no stranger to the Disney family, having also starred in the Disney Channel TV movie Girl vs. Monster. She won a Radio Disney Music Award for Best Crush Song for "Had Me @ Hello." Holt is repped by Paradigm and Principato-Young. North is repped by Coast to Coast and Curtis Talent.

From the Hollywood Reporter

Austin James in the new feature film, "The Ultimate Life"

The Ultimate Life

Despite the best intentions, billionaire Jason Stevens can’t find time to keep his beloved Alexia a priority. Then he discovers his grandfather’s journal … and is transported back to Red Stevens’ incredible world. With everything he loves loves hanging in the balance, Jason Stevens hopes to emulate his grandfather and live THE ULTIMATE LIFE.

In theaters September 6, The Ultimate Life is both a sequel and a prequel to the theatrical release The Ultimate Gift.

“Lab Rats” cast party pictures.

The “Lab Rats” cast got together last night (April 24, 2013) for their season 2 wrap party! Photos are from Mateus Ward and Chris Peterson‘s Twitter.

Included in the photos are Chris, Mateus, Angel Parker, Billy Unger, Spencer Boldman, Kelli Berglund, Tyrel Jackson Williams and more!